For Teachers

Designed for Stage 4 students (ages 12-14), the Here & There program offers an enriching educational experience, allowing young Australians to interact with children of other cultures with often similar interests and aspirations but markedly different life experiences.

• The students in each country will prepare questions to share with one another during an interactive classroom sessions, scheduled throughout the year. They will work collaboratively to explore how their lives and communities are similar and different and to discuss their shared interests and concerns.

The program has been developed in consultation with educators to dovetail with areas of the Australian geography syllabus including:

  • Focus Area 4G2 Global Information: the geographical processes that form and transform global and human reactions within environments. (Year 7/8 Stage 4)
  • Focus Area 4G3 Global Change: the changing nature of the world and responses to these changes (Year 7/8 Stage 4).  

If your school would like the opportunity to be part of this exciting initiative, please go to Submit your School and register your details. The application process is quick and easy - we'd love you to be involved!

If you’d like more information about Australia for UNHCR or the Here & There program, please feel free to Stay in Touch and we’ll keep you up to date.

The privacy and safety of the students in your care is of paramount importance to us. Please be assured of the following:

  • We will not share information ― with anyone.
  • We will not reveal your name or the names of the students involved ― to anyone.
  • You will be unable to upload the creative efforts of the students involved without parental consent.
  • No-one will be able to comment on the students' work; they can only like or share it.

Here & There is open to year 7/8 classes in schools across Australia, and applications for 2014 are being assessed now. Entries are limited to one team per school with up to 8 students per team. This cap is to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the video link-up.

Entries should explore questions around sharing the children’s experience, such as:

  • Think about what you would like to learn from the children in Refugee Settlements.
  • What questions would you like to ask them? What do you think they would like to learn about you?
  • Imagine life in a refugee settlement. What would that be like? What do you think the children in the camp would like to know about you?