For Students

Here's a unique opportunity for your class to communicate, face-to-face, with young people in a classroom on the other side of the world, in a remote refugee camp in Uganda.

These students go to school in a building funded entirely by the donations of Australians like you. They are keen to learn more about our country and its people and excited at the prospect of connecting with an Australian school via a video link-up.

Many of these young people have spent their childhoods in refugee camps in Africa. While their lives may seem very different to yours, you'll soon discover that you have things in common and that they are also interested in stuff like music, sport, science, art and technology.

If you'd like your school to be part of the Here & There classroom connection, direct your teacher to this site and ask them to submit an application.

And while you’re here, check out our Fun Downloads or Stay in Touch with us to find out more about other cultures around the world. Have fun exploring Here & There!